This is a blog for information I find about Central Auditory Processing Disorder which is a brain hearing learning disability.
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living with CAPD


me: wait wait, I can’t hear you because I don’t have my glasses on.
other person: …do you realize what you just said?
me: sorry, can you repeat that? 

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Just another day living with Auditory Processing Disorder...
  • Friend [what I thought she said]: Do you have AIDS?
  • Me: Do I have AIDS? No!
  • Friend: NO, I said, do you have EGGS?

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Nicholas Sparks says that his novel The Rescue was inspired by his son Ryan who has Central Auditory Processing Disorder.

The following is a passage by Nicholas Sparks about the inspiration for his book:

Despite the fact that all of my previous novels were originally inspired by members of my family, I’d have to say that The Rescue is my most personal novel to date. It was, at times, painful and challenging to write because of the memories it conjured up.

That is because The Rescue was inspired by my second son, Ryan…

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Experience Auditory Processing Disorder for Yourself!

Take the simulation here

I found this simulation through this site

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